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+ Promote the well being of families, responsible behavior and healthy babies.

+ Prevent unintended pregnancies through education including abstinence and

   contraceptive services.

+ Allow planning and timing of pregnancies.


Can a girl really get pregnant the first time she has sex?


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time having sex--it is possible to get pregnant. Abstaining from sex altogether is the best ways to prevent pregnancy, but if you decide to have sex, condoms and other birth control methods can help prevent pregnancy. Learn More

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Hastings Family Planning is a non-profit agency that provides reproductive healthcare as well as educational and counseling services to over 2,500 people in south central Nebraska every year.


We serve eight counties: Adams, Clay, Franklin, Harlan, Kearney, Phelps, Nuckolls and Webster.

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12:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.



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Preparing for the Pap Test


+ Don't have sex, douche, or use vaginal cream, foam, gel, or deodorants for 48 hours

   before your test.


+ Don't get a pap test during or a few days after your period.  Wait until all the

   bleeding has stopped.


+ If you have an infection or a sexually transmitted disease (STD), get it treated before

   you get a pap test.


Hastings Family Planning has been serving our community for over 40 years! Thank you for your continued support.

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Confidentiality is strictly maintained. Our services are offered to anyone of any age, race, sexual orientation or marital status.  No one will be given information about your visit without your permission.